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Unicorn Seigo Asada Maestro 25g

Unicorn Seigo Asada Maestro 25g

90% Natural Tungsten Darts

25 gram

Unicorn Seigo Asada darts Range comes as an elite grouping of Unicorn PDC Players, these are used by Seigo Asada.

Also has Unicorn engraving as a hallmark of quality and Seigo's signature

Comes with:

One set of 3 90% Tungsten Barrels

1 Set of Gripper 3 Mirage Shafts

1 Set of Gripper 3 Red Shafts

2 Sets of Seigo Asada ULTRAFLY Big Wing Flights

1 set of Seigo Asada ULTRAFLY Plus Flights

Weight Length  Width 

23g 50,8mm 6,5mm

25g 51,0mm 6,7mm

121,46 €