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Harrows Dave Chisnall SOFTTIP 20g

Harrows Dave Chisnall SOFTTIP 20g

SOFTTIP 90% Tungsten 

20 gram

Our design team worked very closely with Chizzy to create a dart perfectly suited to his precise needs. Firstly, the 90% tungsten, parallel barrel was given deep, square-cut grooves along its full length. Dave then requested slightly more grip and feel to give him extra confidence in latter stages of games, when the pressure is on. We therefore gave the dart a black titanium nitride coating, to add more texture to the surface of the barrel, and also added 9 micro-cuts at the specific points where his fingers release the dart, for greater grip. A metallic gold coating, together with black titanium nitride finish and re-cut silver sections, results in a fantastic, truly eye catching dart.

Comes with:

One set of 3 90% Tungsten Barrels

One set of 3 Supergrip Carbon Black Shafts

One set of 3 Black Chizzy Flights

Weight Length  Width 

18g 50,0mm 6,3mm

20g 50,0mm 6,4mm

22g 50,0mm 6,5mm

61,33 €